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CHECKD®️ leverer markedets enkleste befaringsverktøy. MArker avvik, endringer, tillegg, KS punkter, etc. direkte i plan eller fasadetegninger, situasjonsplaner eller bilder. Deleger punktene til UE´er, egne ansatte eller oppdragsgiver, og følg utviklingen. alle bilder, all kommunikasjon og dokumentasjon blir liggende på riktig sted i bygget.

Our objective is to revolutionize the construction industry - one of the worlds largest
industries. CHECKD® have developed a Saas enterprise software suite enabling field control
and communication using any smartphone - a tool the construction worker already have at
their fingertips. A powerful Enterprise back-end provides full overview and transparency for
back office. CHECKD AS is a Norwegian privately owned company, founded by people with
background in the construction industry and experience with mobile application and web
We have demonstrated product/market fit through our early target market in Norway. The
company is currently exploring establishing offices in the UK market. The CHECKD® suite is
currently available in 20 different languages.
Investment volume for this stage is 1M EUR. The proceeds will be used to expand internationally
and improve the online channel conversion. The company has been approved for Skattefunn
2014, 2015 and 2016 (20% tax refund on development costs). Checkd AS also expects to be
approved for the period 2017-2020.

Customer problem
- 300 million euros waste in the construction industry pr. hour (European Construction
Industry Federation)
- 10 % of construction industry revenue are discrepancies and mistakes (SINTEF)
- 35 % waste in the construction industry (Chalmers University of Technology)
- 135 Euro worth of construction errors pr. square meter
- Waste and errors caused by poor communication, paper-based solutions and
- Inefficient processes and lack of user-friendly solutions causes waste in the construction
industry throughout the world

- An enterprise desktop/mobile solution suite targeted for the specific task
- Simple intuitive user interface -> proven by an average session time of approx. 50 seconds
- Mobile first with a powerful enterprise back-end solution for office users
- Proven by rapid growth with a repeatable and scalable business model in the Norwegian market
- Strong interest among several large construction companies and agencies in Dubai and South-East Asia

Customer segment
- Construction companies – Delegating tasks, handling deviations, forms and drawings.
- Consulting engineers – Site surveys, commissioning and live task overview.
- Oil & Gas/shipyards – Similar to the two segments above, but with strict certification
rules on forms and checklists. Special Ex approved phones, we have access to, are also often
Products and Services
CHECKD® is an Enterprise mobile centric software suite for field workers, used in site surveys,
deviation management, check lists and equipment storage. The solution is offered as a SaaS
solution, where the users can be up and running with the system in a few minutes.
- CHECKD® Dashboard: Provide office users real-time updates on project status, deviations,
logs, equipment, hours, etc. The powerful back-end will provide all statistics and have a
time saving report generator.
- CHECKD® Floorplan: Pinpoint and delegate tasks and discrepancies directly from the floor
plan drawing. Enhanced communication with customers, employees or sub-contractors not
only what to do, but just as important, where to do it.
- CHECKD® Forms: Checklists, deviation logging, annotations, and geo-tagging. The
deviation report can be immediately sent electronically to the appropriate manager or
worker, eliminating inefficient and inaccurate paperwork.
- CHECKD® Equipment: Uses a combination of GPS and QR codes (NFC in the future) to keep
track of where all tools and equipment are, at all times. Workers can track and request
notification when equipment becomes available.

- Focus in our first phase has been on direct sales to big and medium sized companies. The
response has been very good and the company has increased MRR of more than 650% in
2015. In 2016 the company had user acquisition increase of 385% with 133% increase of
product price.
- Media is regularly publishing articles about the company whenever something “new” is
happening. Improvements in the construction industry are an area of big interest, so they
are eager to write about us. We see a huge traffic increase on our webpage and in
explainer video plays after media coverage (we have extensive coverage of usage data
through Google Analytics, increasing SEO parameters and social media)
- We have good online acquisition of new customers and automated email responders to
increase activation and retention. We get good referrals from existing users and early
adopters. Improved automation and onboarding during the signup process will
exponentially increase our revenue.
- In February 2017 we started online sales. This will be the main channel for international
expansion, but we will look at setting up local sales dept. in countries where the solution
gets traction.

There are several companies in the market offering services like CHECKD®, but most are based
on an office solution “shrunk” to fit a tablet or smartphone. Our solution is built to start where
today’s solutions stop, at the project manager (PM). We give the PM a tool to get control on daily
tasks in a simple and visual way. User experience (UX) and simplicity is priority #1.
CHECKD® is a tool where the immediate user response is “yes, this is simple – it will actually solve a lot of my daily problems”

Competitive advantages
- Uniquely positioned with a team coming from the construction industry
- Over 30.000 reports generated in first minimum viable product trial
- Perceived as leader of the emergent software solutions for the construction industry
- Unique publicity in technical and construction media throughout Norway

Kongens gate 16,0153,OSLO
Linux, Windows, Mac

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